The answer to Risk.
INFINITY is a software platform that identifies and evaluates risks in our customers' business. This allows our customers to make informed and automated decisions about accepting and rejecting trans­actions. INFINITY is being implemented by a team that has been successfully developing market-leading risk management and fraud prevention products for 6 years.
In today's online business, decisions need to be made in no time - end customers want to know right away whether their trans­actions can be completed successfully or not. At the same time, companies want to protect themselves and their customers from fraud and poor financial decisions. A modern risk assessment must, therefore, be quick and accurate. This will result in a better end customer experience, fewer wrong decisions, and ultimately in more business.
Rocket illustrating the performance of the realtime feature

Real-Time Evaluation

The Risk42 team has brought its years of expertise in operating high-availability analytics services into the development of INFINITY. This enables INFINITY to easily evaluate millions of individual trans­actions - whether in real-time or within alternative simulated set-ups.

Combination of a brain and rules illustrating the link between business rules and machine learning

Machine Learning & Rules

INFINITY combines Machine Learning to evaluate trans­actions with business rules that meet the needs of our customers. This hybrid solution enables the software to address precise rules-based requirements while fully utilizing the benefits of modern machine learning algorithms.

Illustration showing the resolvement of complex decisions to simple decisions like True or False


INFINITY delivers understandable decisions. Every step from receiving a trans­action to the evaluation and classification is provided as a statement.

Combination of servers in the cloud or local instances, illustrating the possibility to have the product running locally or remote

SaaS / On-Premise

INFINITY can be used as SaaS or as an on-premise solution integrated into your own infrastructure. Both options deliver the highest quality in performance, stability, scalability, and handling.

For whom


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Payment Services
Whether payment service provider or payment method provider - Risk42 assists in the risk assessment of online payment trans­actions. In doing so, INFINITY evaluates on the basis of all available data, agnostic to the means of payment method used. INFINITY is multi-client capable and can be made available to our clients' business customers as a self-service risk management solution. The platform can be implemented as a "white label" solution.
For consumer credit providers, INFINITY provides a high-quality risk assessment of consumer credit applications in real-time, especially in the online segment and via comparison portals. Our customers need to decide quickly and reliably if they want to accept consumer requests for credit and fraud risk. By using our software, both the credit provider and the consumer benefit from a quick decision.
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Provider of consumer credit products
We are a team of experts who have worked together for years in the field of online fraud prevention and have developed several successful products. We invested our experience in the development of INFINITY. We addressed the functional and technological challenges of our industry and created a new gold standard in terms of quality and performance: INFINITY.


Shareholders of Risk42 are - in addition to the founding team - Cinco Capital GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) and Check24 Ventures GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany). Risk42 Advisors are Lars Hinrichs (formerly XING) and Paul Jozefak (formerly Neuhaus Partners).


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